It is a nasal moisturizing isotonic solution used for nasal congestion and washing the nostril. The glycerin in its content softens dried foreign bodies by moisturizing the nasal passage. Nanotechnological liposome solution prevents microorganisms from adhering in the nasal passage.

Its active ingredient is formed by nano-technologically prepared liposomes. The efficacy of these liposomes on bacteria and viruses has been determined in microbiological studies.

GEOXYN NANOTECH Nasal Spray creates a protective layer on the mucosa. It helps prevent bacteria and viruses that cause diseases from clinging to the nasal mucosa. It prevents the occurrence of reactions such as itching and discharge by preventing the adhesion of pollen and foreign substances that cause allergy.

It moisturizes the nasal passage, allowing foreign bodies and microorganisms to be thrown out. It helps to keep the nasal passage open by clearing it, thus reducing nasal congestion. It is used to reduce influenza and bacterial infections and to prevent nasal droplet infections from settling in the nasal mucosa. It is used for sinus cleaning in case of blockage of the sinuses. It is effective in removing the dead tissues accumulated in the nasal mucosa before and after the operation.


In order to prevent bacteria and viruses from settling in the nose
In sinus and nose problems
In nasal congestion
Washing the nasal cavity
Washing the nasal cavities and keeping them moist
Removing dust, pollen and foreign substances that cause allergies by thinning nasal mucus
Supporting the healing of the nasal mucosa before and after nasal surgeries
It is used to reduce mucus formation.


Nanoparticle liposomes, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, menthol, distilled water, NaCl


Shake the bottle before use. Squeeze two doses into both nostrils 2-3 times a day. In order to protect against microorganisms, it is recommended to apply two doses to both nostrils every 2 hours in crowded environments and when you feel a discharge in the nose. When allergic rhinitis patients encounter environments that may cause allergies, it is recommended to apply two doses to both nostrils every 2 hours for washing purposes. Take your head back to wash the sinuses so that the solution reaches the sinuses. When the solution reaches the mucosa, bring your head forward to allow the solution to flow back. 2 doses should be used 3-4 times a day to protect the nasal mucosa from infections before and after the operations.


It is not recommended to use this product if you have an allergy to the active ingredients contained in it. Consult your doctor in cases such as allergic reactions, extreme pain, redness. Keep GEOXYN NANOTECH out of the sight and reach of children and in its packaging. Store at temperatures between 5-25 C. Do not freeze. If it will not be used for a long time, keep it in the refrigerator between 2-8 degrees. If used in high doses, it may cause throat irritation and hoarseness. In this case, the use of the product should be suspended. Consult your doctor if it is used in high doses and if it is consumed whole. Consult your doctor about use in pregnant women and breastfeeding women. Use in accordance with expiration dates. Do not use GEOXYN NANOTECH after the expiry date on the packaging. If you notice any damage to the product and / or packaging, do not use GEOXYN NANOTECH. Pediatric nasal spray is recommended for children under 14 years of age.



OWNER OF THE PRODUCT: Sonofarma İlaç Kimya Sanayi Ticaret Ltd. Şti.


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