In recent years, our company has been working on innovative works in the field of nanotechnology to provide tissue-healing effects and to develop products that protect human, animal and plant health without harming the environment.

With the advantages provided by nanotechnology, it is possible to intervene in tissues more effectively in less doses. It is also easier to combat very small microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses.

The tissue healing effects of the solutions we developed have been proven in mouse experiments. In these studies, results that do not cause damage to normal tissue but increase collagen synthesis by stimulating tissues, increase hair follicle development and provide connective tissue development have been obtained.

Tissue healing studies have been found to be much more effective than control groups. In studies against cartilage damage, better results were obtained in cartilage healing compared to hyaluronic acid and the control group.

In studies conducted to protect bee health, it has been observed that solutions given to bees as food supplements in nosema disease are effective in treatment.

Effective results have been obtained in red spider disease in studies conducted for plant protection. The solutions are also effective on plant growth. Effective results have also been proven in the treatment of nematodes affecting plant roots.

The solutions we create for food preservation prevent the formation of bacteria, fungi and mites in dried foods. These solutions are not harmful like other preservatives used on human health, on the contrary, they have beneficial effects.

The solutions we have developed with our latest work neutralize both bacteria and the covid 19 virus and other viruses. The use of these solutions, which do not damage the tissue but also have tissue healing effects, as a barrier solution at the entrance of the body will prevent the entry of bacteria, viruses and fungi into the body. Products are developed for this purpose.

The solutions obtained both do not harm the human body and have the potential to be used instead of toxic substances used in plant and animal health.