In recent years, the use of nanotechnology in chemistry and pharmaceutical production has become widespread in the field of medicine. The effect of large molecules is limited in combating living creatures smaller than 100 nanometers, especially viruses. Drug particles smaller than 100 nanometers are needed to break up the surface envelope of the virus. Thus, the target tissue is reached more effectively and the effect is achieved with less medication. In other words, confidence is established with a lower dose.

At the same time, nanoparticles made to accelerate absorption in cells enter the cell much more easily. In the same way, nanotechnological products are used to increase absorption through the skin. With the nanotechnology we have created, we have produced nanomolecules in different sizes between 16 nanometers and 340 nanometers. The effectiveness of these nanomolecules is more effective than other large molecule products.


Especially with the liposome technique used as a carrier system, it is easier to store drugs and transport them from the cell membrane to the cell. It can be used to transport the chemical substance that is normally harmful in the cell membrane into the cell. For example, cancer drug that is harmful to the cell membrane and destroys the cell can be introduced into the cell with liposomes. The liposomes we have created have slow release properties in the range of 340-450 nanometers. Within these liposomes, it is possible to transport smaller nanomolecules into the cell. With these effects, it is possible to use it in the coating of fabrics in both the pharmaceutical industry and the disinfectant, chemical industry. In normally applied technologies, liposomes with large molecules (1-2 micron) are available. The liposomes we have created are products with a much longer effective and more powerful fighting against bacteria and viruses. At the same time, they provide many absorption advantages in cosmetics.


When the liposomes are encapsulated, that is, they are coated with another substance, the active substances take longer to be released into the environment. Thus, slow release products are made. As we explained above, it is possible to develop targeted products and adjust the release times. It is possible to create three-layered molecules with the techniques we have created. Nanomolecules are covered with liposomes. If these are encapsulated in liposomes, long-acting systems that can release first large molecules and then small molecules are created. With these technologies, it is possible to produce effective products in many areas. According to the information we obtained from the mouse experiments we conducted, the tissue healing effects of the solutions were found to be significant. It is possible to get regional results by directing these effects to target organs.